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For years people have depend on seeking the advice of friends to help with their problems. There was also an alternative what appeared in the Agony Aunt or advice column in a newspapers or magazines. These were the places for people to consult the oracle aunt and ask questions about anything in life. Uncle Mort's blog is the home of an agony uncle and is where you can also ask questions on any subject. The answers you get may or may not fulfill your wishes.

Friday, 25 January 2013


There are countless bloggers on the Internet, who write each day solely for pleasure of others. There are also a myriad of subjects and topics that get discussed each day. Some bloggers have hundreds of followers who are almost "blog groupies." Then there are the bloggers who are specialist in their area of interest and command a dedicated if small band of followers.

The Uncle Mort Blogger Award for Dedication (UMBAD) is awarded to those bloggers who in the face of adversity, keep stoically soldiering on. Sharing their interest and knowledge with unremitting dedication.

Uncle Mort brings a new Friday Blog of the week, each week on a Friday. The latest offerings often come from our personal collection of entertaining blog sites. Blogs which combine a catchy heading with an outlandish or intriguing subject matter.

This Fridays UMBAD award goes to Grumpy Old Ken. One man's view of the world. Looking back as well as forward. Remember, yesterday today was tomorrow; still in love with life in spite of increasing years. Nostalgia and neuralgia in equal measure. I just love Ken and his take on life - grumpy or otherwise.

You can submit any website for consideration for the UMBWA award. You do not have to be the author. Write a couple of paragraphs on why you think the website should be considered for this prestigious award. Titles must be catchy, content must be outlandish or intriguing. My indecision in awarding the award is final.


Uncle Mort.

Monday, 21 January 2013


There have been many kinds of recordings made over the last 100 years. Some recordings are so memorable as to be instantly recognisable. The recordings actually give a voice to a time and place in our recent history.  At the same time, there have been recordings made that should never have seen the light of day. Not that they were poor quality recordings - the recordings were more unnecessary and even in some cases embarrassing. Now, there has been a seed change - the worst have now taken on the guise of becoming cult and collectables.

Uncle Mort has a new award to award. It is intended to acknowledge and to recognise the the best of the bad. Giving us all a chance to celebrate with the uncelebrated winners of the worst. The creative talent that created the crap.

Uncle Mort brings a new "Monday recording of the week", each week on a Monday. Each Monday the UMCRA (Uncle Mort's Crap Recording Award) will be presented to a deserving cause. This week for your edification the award goes to: Beastiality. What can I say about this recording other than the pig looks to be embarrassed.

Could you suggest any other crap recordings? The ones that are so bad that they have become almost good. You can submit any recording for consideration for the UMCRA award. You do not have to be the author of the recording. Write a couple of paragraphs on why you think the recording should be considered for this prestigious award. Titles must be catchy, content must be outlandish or intriguing. My indecision in awarding the award is final.


Uncle Mort.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Legal or Illegal

BoJo Asked: "What do you think about people who try and do good in the world. Acting in a public spirited way to help their fellow man."

There is an old Yorkshire saying, "If tha does owt for nowt, alus doit for thesen."  People who volunteer for a job in my experience are just the people you don't want to do the job. There is one area where I most often disagree with my fellow public spirited humans. So I thought it pertinent to touch on the topic. If you’re a light touch on regulation person like me, you’re probably familiar with the concept of trying to get rid of something by banning it.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

End of an Era.

Mick and Mag's Asked: "Have you ever spent any leisure time on the canals and rivers that make up the inland waterways. If so I wonder what you found to be the best bit?"

Canals were a part of my childhood. I spent many happy hours skimming small flat stones across the surface. Fishing for the little tiddlers and also making makeshift rafts to sail on. I used to enjoy the sight of working barges carrying all kinds of goods passing through the local locks. A bygone era. Now the only boats I see are the occasional cabin cruisers, narrow-boats and converted barges. The rivers by comparison to the canals were much dirtier when I was a kid. Almost nothing could live in the poisoned water.

Friday, 18 January 2013

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